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01 - What we do

Manufacture and renewal of rollers

Our rubber rollers are used in various industries. That is why we can offer you variety of new rollers as well as renewal of used ones. We also repair cores of rollers, manufacture grooves in the rubber coatings and make dynamic balancing of rollers.

  • grinding of rubber, Polyurethane, Rilsan and Silicon rollers
  • dynamic balancing of all types of rollers¬†with a length up to¬†3 meters
  • Repair of damaged rollers cores
  • we can manufacture completely new rollers from various materials: steel, aluminum, carbon, inox (stainless steel)
  • Reconditioning Silicone Roller

Manufacture of seals

We provide the manufacture of all types of rubber products, from O-rings, shock absorbers, no crush wheels, bellows, suction cups, and other rubber products according to specifications or samples.

02 - Gallery