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improve the efficientcy of printing machines.
Smart. Efficient. Reliable. We watch over some of your most important resources.

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01 - Products

a complete range of equipment of the printing sector

provide customers with cutting-edge solutions to help them to achievethe best results in terms of quality, productivity and speed. Fromgravure to flexo printing, to offset printing: rollers and carrier sleevesdesigned and manufactured using the most innovative techniques andmaterials, to ensure working tolerances and printing results at a levelnever seen before. Then there is the exclusive Roller TechnicEquipment Division, which designs and produces plant and machineryfor the printing sector.

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02 - Our Expertise

years of experience

The success of Roller Technic has its roots in an inspiring tale of entrepreneurial endeavour. It is the story of a family-owned company that has continued to grow over the 30 years course. A story of innovations that have left indelible marks on the development of printing.

the real strength of innovation

Innovation advances from the ability to observe the reality of a situation and then go beyond it. It takes the most qualified engineers, advanced equipment, the resources and commitment to invest in continuous research and development. And behind all of this is the curiosity and desire to create something that didn't exist beforehand. The ability to observe the market reality and ask yourself what can be done to improve it; anticipating customer needs and developing solutions for problems even before they arise.

production technology and efficiency

Continuous in-depth analysis of actual market needs, together with the most advanced production techniques, have enabled Roller Technic to introduce completely new materials and products, as well as cutting-edge solutions designed to speed up changeovers and improve the efficiency of printing machines.

03 - Services

always on hand by your side, all over the world

Wherever you may be, Roller Technic is right there with you, with expert professional support all over Europe, so that we can meet your needs and solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Grinding service

A new life for your Speedwell Sleeves and rubber coated rollers

Who better than Roller Technic, the designer and manufacturer from the very beginning, can bring your Speedwell Sleeves and rubber coated rollers to a new life? Contact your Roller Technic reference partner and discover the advantages of the Grinding Service: experience, fast reaction time and efficiency all over Europe!

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